Madison County Emergency Medical District 

Proudly Serving Our Community Since 1981  

Part Time Employment

Madison County Emergency Medical District will advertise employment opportunities on their website, Facebook page and internally. Currently, the department only accepts applications for active Paramedics, or EMT-Basics and Advanced card holders.

Madison County Emergency Medical District will be accepting applications and conducting interviews for Part-Time personnel to fill several open positions.

Part-timers are scheduled for 12 hour shifts 7am-7pm, or 7pm-7am,

Also have open Unit Day, 6th day spots from 8am-8am.

Applications may be submitted though our website below

Part-time positions offered to applicants with preference given to Paramedics, Paramedic Students, AEMT (Advanced EMT) and applicants seeking future full-time employment with the district.

Part-time pay is $ 12.00 per hour For Paramedics

                          $ 11.50 per hour for Advance EMTs

                          $ 11.00 per hour for Basic EMTs

Madison County Emergency Medical District offers a progressive & advanced protocol, as well as having contracts with most Paramedic programs in surrounding areas. Advancement to Full Time is often filled though our part-time roster.

You are encouraged to update your application if the status of your contact information, employment history, certification or other pertinent information changes. This can be done by visiting Station 282 during normal business hours.

The current part time list is set to expire on {hiring now}.

Full Time Employment

Full Time Employment is established through a testing process among part time personnel. Madison County Emergency Medical District will only allow outside applications in the event there isn't sufficient interest from part-time personnel.

Full Time Employment Opportunities will be posted internally, unless outside interest is needed. If that occurs, the District will post these opportunities on this website, and on their Facebook page.